DAIDD 2014

Third annual Clinic on Dynamical Approaches to Infectious Disease Data

December 15-19, 2014, UF Emerging Pathogens Institute, Gainesville, FL, USA

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SIR Model Family Exercise

  • Download a version of the spreadsheet using this link
    • Experiment with parameters
    • What happens when R0<1 and there are several initial infections? Is this equivalent to having an R0>1? Why or why not?
    • What happens when R0 is near 1?
    • Can you make two epidemics with the same size and shape, but different speed?
    • Try adding more rows (especially important if you change the timestep to be smaller!)
    • Can you make two epidemics with the same speed and shape, but different size (fewer total infected individuals)?
  • Close the loop: add loss of immunity
    • Experiment with parameters (again!)
    • What controls the cycle period?
    • What controls the equilibrium?
    • Are there parameters for which the disease approaches a persistent equilibrium without cycling?